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Brazen plug

May I alert you, briefly, to the reincarnation of our websites: inluk.com and drivendata.co.uk. Both are now noticeably more elegant and usefully informative. They have, I fondly believe, evolved into an engaging mix of Jermyn Street and a reference library.

The former site is the stylish herald of our content and brand journalism services. The latter is the platform upon which our new car and van price and specification databases sit, poised for delivery to web developers, car brokers, online publishers and a variety of motor trade and analytical clients.

● To compensate for this egregious display of self-publicity, I would like to share a beautifully crafted phrase from the Economist.

In an article about inflatable spacecraft in this week’s Science & Technology section, the author writes: “There have been many proposals [for an inflatable space station] in the past. Wernher von Braun, the patriotically flexible developer of the V2 military rocket (for Germany) and the Saturn V moon rocket (for America) sketched plans in the 1950s.”

Can anyone who considers him or herself to be a fine scribe not wish that they had brought together this wonderful combination of words ‘… patriotically flexible …’?

Engineering marvel and moral vacuum notwithstanding, even von Braun would, I think, have privately acknowledged that he had been speared with so elegant and delicate a verbal dagger that the resultant wound could so easily have been missed by all but its target.

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“Before we all sink into a slough of digital dystopian despair, it might be worth considering this: is this a sign of the strength, not weakness, of revelatory journalism in the digital age?”

Charlie Beckett, director of POLIS at the London School of Economics, reacts to news that the UK government forced the Guardian into destroying hard drives that contained information leaked by Edward Snowden.

(Source: POLIS)


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