Merry Christmas from the editor…

There is no alternative to looking people in the eye and talking face-to-face. I mention this because the last edition of Media Digest 2010 is the ideal place to remind readers that you are invited to a wise and pleasant conversation, enhanced with free beer, from noon on Thursday 20th January 2011. Meet us at the Old Mitre pub in Hatton Garden, in the City to mark our move to a website-only publication.

It’s not a significant event in world affairs, and pales into insignificance in comparison with Royal weddings and vexed questions as to whether Scarlett Johansson fancies anyone in our office or not. But we’re keen to see as many of you as possible, for a proper chat about anything and everything. Though I would appreciate it if we didn’t include reality TV contestants or hosts in the discourse – at least not until sufficient ale has been supped as to make my caustic remarks less offensive. Or more so – we can discuss it at the time.

And that’s the point about actual, as opposed to virtual, conversations: we know who says what and to whom and we understand the consequences of failing to observe proper decorum. The big weakness of much ‘conversation’ online is that it is anonymous; sometimes dangerously so as the victims of cyber-bullying know only too well.

If you have something to say, stand up like an honest human and say it! And what I have to say to you is Happy Christmas and best wishes for a happy and successful 2011.




“Before we all sink into a slough of digital dystopian despair, it might be worth considering this: is this a sign of the strength, not weakness, of revelatory journalism in the digital age?”

Charlie Beckett, director of POLIS at the London School of Economics, reacts to news that the UK government forced the Guardian into destroying hard drives that contained information leaked by Edward Snowden.

(Source: POLIS)


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