Intern magazine aims to kickstart debate on internships


A new magazine is hoping to kickstart the debate on internships, and it’s hoping crowdfunding will help get its message heard.

Intern is the brainchild of Alec Dudson, who spent a “rich and educational” 12 months interning across Europe – yet still no closer to a paid job.

“It struck me that there were ways in which people like me could be helped on their quest to get established in their field of expertise,” he writes on KickStarter.

“First and foremost, people need to be exposed to your work in order for them to notice you. Secondly, the culture of internships across the creative industries is one that is not discussed or debated outside or even within them. Wouldn’t it be a lot more helpful if people could get an insight without throwing themselves in at the deep end?

“It is around these two ideals that Intern is built; we want you to meet the talent and join the debate.”

Dudson has spent the year working with interns and unpaid workers across various creative industries to help create the first issue of Intern, which he hopes will “show off their immense talent” and “initiate a debate” about those industries.

Dudson says he is “making a stand” by ensuring that every contributor to Intern is paid. “This won’t be as much as these guys will inevitably make in the future, but serves as one of the first in a long line of monetary rewards for their hard work and talent.”

At the time of writing, Dudson’s KickStarter campaign has achieved £4,356 of its £5,500 goal, with 206 backers to its name. For more information, or to pledge, visit the magazine’s crowdfunding page.

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