Former C4 chairman attacks ‘profoundly unethical’ Google

Google’s motto when it first started out was “don’t be evil” but, in an outburst by a former Channel 4 chairman, the search giant has been labelled “profoundly unethical” and “monstrous”.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, Luke Johnson claimed Google avoids paying taxation by exploiting loopholes in Bermuda. He also said the company abuses people’s private information.

“Effectively, Google invests negligible amounts in Britain, pays negligible amounts of tax on its underlying surplus to contribute to civil society, and yet extracts vast sums in advertising revenue,” he said.

Johnson described Google’s power as an “an unbearable monopoly” over all media because its search engine dominates web advertising.

Google Street View and the company’s email offering also invade privacy, he said. “Gmail’s software even reads your private emails so that Google can bombard you with advertisements that match your interests.”

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“Before we all sink into a slough of digital dystopian despair, it might be worth considering this: is this a sign of the strength, not weakness, of revelatory journalism in the digital age?”

Charlie Beckett, director of POLIS at the London School of Economics, reacts to news that the UK government forced the Guardian into destroying hard drives that contained information leaked by Edward Snowden.

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